We’re doing Perl Team Trainings!


We’re very passionate about Perl and we want it to thrive for many years to come. But for a technology to grow you need developers. More and more developers getting into it. We started out doing local Perl trainings to introduce new people to Perl and now we’re taking it to the next level.

What does that mean?

If you’re a company that needs Perl developers, that relies on Perl and looks to the future we can create a Perl team for you. We will recruit developers, train them for you and create an entire team of Perl developers, seniors included, for your project.

We have plenty of senior developers that have a knack for teaching and that can convert any developer to Perl. Our trainings are complex and go beyond the usual workshops and presentation to get down and dirty with some good old fashioned Perl coding.

How does it work?

We start from you and what you need. Based on that we start recruiting some new developers, adding a few of our own to create a team that will grow, train and learn together. This new team of developers, as soon as they will be certified Perl devs, will start work on your project. They will be your new Perl team. If you already have a team but they’re not familiar with Perl we can work with that as well. Our Perl Team Trainings are meant to grow the number of developers using Perl and to help companies using Perl get the people that they need, now and for the future.

Perl Startup Partnerships

We love challenges and amazing ideas. We also love Perl and want to spread it around as much as possible. If you have a startup and you’re thinking about which technology you should use, look no further.

We’ve done a few startups ourselves and we know how gritty it can get. As a technology partner we can help your startup come to life using Perl. Feel free to say hi so we could talk more about your project.